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Launch Painting Web Shop

With great pleasure I would like to share with you the launch of my new webshop.

My choice falls on the sea and dune landscapes painted during the extraordinary Corona times, in Scharendijke in Zeeland.

Because of the lockdown, the beaches were empty. It was a unique setting and it allowed me to paint the beach, the sea, the sky, while being completely on my own. It were some beautiful moments that helped me to forget the bad things of Covid-19.

I never thought it would get this far. I never thought I'd enjoy painting in the open air so much. However, my dreams were just that ... apparently dreams do come true.

Having experienced this, the message to myself is to be open to new possibilities time and time again. Throw myself in with full dedication. Keep believing in myself, progress in small steps and never stand still.

The satisfaction of being able to share this is great.

It is like a fresh sea breeze that blows over my skin and taste with my taste buds how intense it is to go into nature together with my paint, canvas and easel. It is a kind of transcendent extra life in everyday life. From which I can recharge and be myself without further ado.


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