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Hannie Calcoen

Art has been my passion always. During my time at the art academy, I studied model drawing, fast-drawing and abstract paintings. The Greek artist Aristotles Solounias taught me the svumato technique and also encouraged me to set up my own studio.

A long search for my own personal style followed. Exhibitions, open workshops, personal guidance, among other things, were part of this road of discovery.

During my road of discovery, I felt that I was going through another important mental evolution. From feeling insecure to show my works, to determined to share my work and thoughts with anyone who's interested in the story of a painter's life.

This website, my webshop and my blogs are the result of my development and passion. I hope you enjoy!


Before I started to take my "painting" dream seriously, I had wallked many roads. I was 30 years old when I enrolled in the art academy. But only after three children in 7 years time, the defining moment arrived. My husband and I turned our small bathroom into a studio. It was the only place that still had to be renovated back then so I took the opportunity and made it my own little space. Trestles and shelves, paper and material and a stool were installed in no time. My easel got its place in the bedroom. My painting adventure officilly began. I felt like king of the world. It was a very exciting period. Because now I could decide everything myself.

Slowly I moved from the top floor to the ground floor. I managed to turn the dining room into a studio, with more light and more windows to the gardenand a larger table.

For many years to follow, my life was about finding that balance between drawing and painting, and raising 3 children with a man with an independent profession.

When the children left home, the artist in me got a lot more time for herself, which was a whole new experience. Fascinating painting moments were born from which I began to realize more and more that painting "en plein air" was for me.


I always felt like I wanted to paint and draw, big and small, oil and acrylic. Choosing has always been difficult for me. It still is. As a result, you can see in my portfolio that I did not focus to one style.

Yet, I now feel a great desire to paint outside. Right in the middle of all the elements of mother nature. It stimulates all my senses and fires my creativity. I feel myself opening up and completely coming to life. Staring at the sky, the trees, the sea, for hours on end ... and yet at the same time hard at work, focussing to capture my feelings on the canvas in front of me. It's something very unique.

Having found my passion, I want to continue this path, until my body no longer allows it, that is my goal. I would love to share my experiences with you.

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